Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cuddletunes Bear - Half Off!

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Today's Mamapedia deal is from Cuddletunes.  Get one (1) Cuddletunes Bear for $30 (a $60 value).  Here are the details:
You can be sure that your munchkin loves two things: you and his favorite teddy bear. His dream would be to have you sing him to sleep every night as he’s clutching his bear, or have you reading story after story – as he’s clutching his bear. That would be your dream, too, but somehow life always gets in the way. And if you or your hubby serve in the military or travel often for work, being there at your kiddo’s bedtime can be even more of a real challenge.
Today’s Sweet Deal is a real treat: a cuddly bear from Cuddletunes with an incorporated MP3, which will play a personalized soundtrack including songs sung or stories narrated by you. Today’s deal will give you a Cuddletunes Bear for only $30 – that’s half off the normal value of $59.95!
This award-winning company was started by a group of entrepreneurial parents whose mission is to help families stay close through the power of story, song, and the human voice. Your little tyke will fall in love with the plush and huggable bear, and love it even more because it will speak in your voice.
Just in time for the holidays, get your little one a gift he’ll enjoy for years to come. A voucher also makes a great gift for a mom-to-be or family friend!

Remember, when you make a purchase at Mamapedia, 5% of your purchase goes to your favorite preschool or school!

To find out more about the Cuddletunes Bear, visit the Mamapedia website. Ticker

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