Friday, November 12, 2010

Fisher-Price Navity Playset - Finally Under $25!

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Family Christian Stores has an excellent deal on the Fisher-Price Nativity set FINALLY!  If you know about this set, you know it goes for big bucks every holiday season, and it is almost impossible to find any other time of the year.

A quick look on both Amazon and Ebay will show you just how much this little playset can garner at Christmas time....

However, our friends at Family Christian Stores have the set on sale right now for 25% off the retail price of $40!  Plus, you can use the code 123026301 to score an additional 33% off, bringing the set down to a mere $20!

You will have to pay tax and shipping, but your final cost will still be under $25!  Not a bad price at all for a playset that pulls in prices of $40 and up throughout the year.

Remember to shop at Mr. Rebates to get an additional 4% off your order!  This set tends to see out quickly during the holiday season, so if you're interested, you'd better jump quick.

I've already ordered mine!  Happy Holidays! Ticker

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