Monday, December 6, 2010

Candy Cake Company - $22 for $68!!

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Okay, I've never heard of this company, but man they make their confections sound good.  Today's ATL plum district deal is $22 for two (2) dozen Belgian chocolate dipped cake truffle pops PLUS DELIVERY (a $68 value)!

Wait...they are going to dip truffles into Belgian chocolate and deliver it to me?  I think I just died and went to Heaven.  Secret Santa....Husband...Friends...are you listening???
Have your cake and eat it too! Cake truffle pops are the crumb-free solution to the cupcake. What is a cake truffle pop, you ask? It's cake on a stick dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate. And it is practically guilt-free: a cake truffle pop portion is the size of a lollipop!

At Candy Cake Company, their cake truffles are the perfect combination of cake, frosting and chocolate, resulting in a moist and decadent dessert like no other. Candy Cake Company bakes and delivers elegant, gourmet cake truffles throughout the metro Atlanta area. Add stylish flair to your next event. Opt for cake truffles instead of traditional sweets and wow your guests.

Cake truffle pops are an instant show-stopper. So surprise the kids, or your dinner guests, with this novel treat and let them eat cake!

To buy me (er, I mean you) today's plum district deal, you can visit the plum district website.

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