Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kansas City Steak Company

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Yum!  That looks great!  Today's Groupon ATL deal is an everywhere, internet deal - $25 for $50 worth of steaks and more plus **FREE** shipping from Kansas City Steak Company:
Without steak, most Americans wouldn’t be able to justify owning such terrifyingly sharp steak knives, much less an entire rack of steak guns. Today's Groupon to Kansas City Steak Company gives you a chance to use them with $50 worth of steaks and more, plus free shipping (extra charges apply to Hawaii and Alaska). Kansas City Steak Company woos carnisseurs with delicious deliveries of high-quality beef, poultry, seafood, and more—chiseling scrumptious steaks from slabs of corn-fed beef and carefully hand-trimming them down to marbled perfection. Choose from premium steaks or USDA Prime private stock , and Kansas City Steak Company will deliver your juicy filet mignons, rib eyes, strips, and porterhouses straight to your door, packed in a cooler with dry ice, where they can be then slapped onto sizzling grills, empty dinner plates, or shiners acquired from sparring matches with pet kangaroos.

To purchase this yummy deal just time for the holidays, visit the Groupon ATL website.

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