Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KnuckleUp Fitness - $25 for One Month of Unlimited Kickboxing!

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Today's Living Social deal for ATL is from KnuckleUp Fitness - $25 for one (1) month of unlimited kickboxing (a $100 value):
Sure, we sometimes dream about landing a roundhouse kick on our office nemesis or upper-cutting someone in a full-on bar brawl, but we don't actually know how to do it, so we don't talk smack. But if you're ready to bob and weave yourself into a real fit fighting machine, you'll get a kick out of today's deal from KnuckleUp Fitness. Throw down $20 for one month of unlimited kickboxing classes (regularly $100). These brawlers know their stuff. (That's why Creative Loafing named 'em Atlanta's best martial arts gym.) Whether you're an aspiring pro or a fitness novice looking for a fun way to get fit, you can step into the regulation-sized ring and let the professional instructors show you what a real bout is about. Ever pictured yourself working the bags like Rocky? Hit up one of the punching bags for a jab and cross hook mélange. At 80% off, you'll want to kick-start this deal before someone beats you to the punch.

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