Sunday, January 9, 2011

3D/4D Parental Ultrasound Session - $25!

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Honestly, I don't get what that picture above has to do with anything---I am guessing it's their lobby or waiting room or something, but it almost looks a little "creepy" to me--the way the windows are covered up.....but this is a legit daily deal, so if you are interested in it--go for it--it's a great price:
Does your baby have your eyes or your nose? Do they wave their adorable little fingers and toes? See for yourself - before he or she is even born - with this deal that'll get you a $50 Ultrasound Voucher at Stork Vision for only $25! Stork Vision is a premier prenatal imaging center centrally located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta that offers 2D,3D, and 4D ultrasound imaging of your little one. The 3D/4D ultrasound offers parents the amazing opportunity to see their much loved (already!) babies BEFORE they are even born, creating a miraculously intimate experience you will never forget. Imagine seeing your baby yawn, suck his or her thumb, kick and stretch right before your very eyes! And you'll be in Stork Vision's inviting, comfortable viewing facility that uses only the finest and up-to-date equipment and employs only professional, experienced staff. Their primary focus is on you and your baby, and they will always make you have the best experience possible . So don't wait until the actual birthday to see your little one - grab this deal and make it happen before then - for half the price! Then go out and buy diapers with the other $25. You're going to need them!

To get more information, visit the Juice in the City website, and if you go, please fill me in on the picture above....thanks! Ticker


  1. The picture is actually a picture of the "spa-ish" ultrasound room...showing that they have comfortable rooms with lots of space if you want to bring friends/family members along!!

  2. 3d ultrasound opened a new revolution in this century we should thank the Olaf von Ramm who is the developer of the new revolution .its really amazing Idea i can see the very clear View Of My 2nd baby in My ovary :)

  3. 4d ultrasounds really am amazing technology last month I saw my unborn baby that was lovely and amazing