Monday, January 17, 2011

Historic Roswell Chiropractic - $20 for a Nutritional Evaluation and More!

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Wow, this sounds GREAT!  Today's plum district deal for ATL is $20 for a nutritional evaluation and more from Historic Roswell Chiropractic!
Do you eat right with no weight loss? Exercise without losing? Frustrated by diets? Fight cravings? Have additional health challenges because of weight? Designed Clinical Nutrition may be the answer!
Dr. Miller is one of only 299 doctors who is Advanced trained in Nutrition Response Testing, which is based on acupuncture and kinesiology & zeroes in on the cause of health challenges caused by barriers in the body. She’ll discover if your body’s organs are functioning properly as well as diagnose your nutritional needs.
Let Dr. Miller help you determine what your body needs to reach your destination: good health!

Cool.  If you want to check it out, visit the plum district ATL website.  Let me know if you go! Ticker

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