Monday, January 17, 2011

Alexis Suitcase - 50% off Consignment and Boutique Shop!

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Today's Juice in the City deal is 50% off at Alex Suitcase Consignment and Boutique Shop on Roswell Road:
Alexis' Suitcase was voted Best of Atlanta in Atlanta Magazine, Best of Citysearch, and has been featured on CNN and CBS. Clearly, this is NOT your average consignment shop so grab this deal quick and fill YOUR closet for the new year! There is definitely something for everyone here, and there are also two locations, Sandy Springs and John's Creek, making treasure hunting more convenient and fun! You know that friend of yours who has such exquisite taste in clothes and jewelry? The one whose house you LOVE going to so you can rummage through her treasures? Well, that's exactly how this charming consignment shop and boutique got its name! Jayna, the owner, was traveling overseas with her friend, Alexis, who managed to bring a closet full of clothes in her suitcase. Subsequently, Jayna spent the entire trip eagerly sorting through Alexis' suitcase - and finding all kinds of great items to wear during their outings! Alexis' Suitcase is literally filled with fanta stic "designer" clothes that are reasonably priced, and this fashion forward deal makes it even MORE affordable for you'll get 50% off! With over 1000 new items each week, you'll always find fresh merchandise to choose from at this one-of-a-kind boutique!

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