Saturday, January 8, 2011

Purex Complete Crystals Softener! AWESOME NEW PRODUCT!

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Last month, I received a sample of a new Purex product called Purex Complete Crystals softener.  I was asked to try it and then blog about my results.

The product, as seen above, was interesting to say the very least.  It was a small bottle filled to the brim with "crystals."  The back of the bottle was marked "load lines" letting the user know how many crystals to pour into each washload.

I twist opened the top and poured the first load amount into my washing machine.  Immediately, the first thing you notice is the smell.  My sample was Fresh Spring Water, and it smelled great!  In fact, the smell lasted past the wash and into the drying cycle!

My teenager picked up his hoodie and said, "Did you wash this?"  When I told him, "Yes," he said, "It smells funny!"  I guess funny means it smells good (because, as you can imagine, teenage boys' clothes don't normally smell good)!

This product was a joy to test, and honestly, I hated when I poured the last little bit into my washing machine.  I really hated to see it end.  It was so easy to use, and I didn't have any messy liquids to measure out and pour into my washing machine at any designated time or cycle.

I was extremely pleased with this new product and overjoyed that the scent lasted until the clothes came out of the dryer!  The reason that the scent lasted so long, I later found out, was that the Purex crystal softeners are not oil-based like other liquid fabric softeners and, thus, don't "coat" the fabrics they come in contact with.  Instead they penetrate fabrics, which means the scent can last for weeks instead of days.  Amazing...

Some other cool things I found out about Purex Complete Crystals is that since they are not oil-based:
  • Towels will stay fresher and more absorbent longer (instead of being coated in an oil)
  • They are the only major fabric softener that is 100% safe for use on children's flame retardant sleepwear 
  • The Crystals will not inhibit wicking fabrics, such as today's sportwear's fabrics which are often made of polyester
Who knew?  I'm telling guys know I am a big couponista and I normally only buy things when they are on sale and I have a coupon, but this little product may just push me over that line.  It was so easy to use, it smelled great on our clothes, and it made our fabrics so much softer than the other products I'm currently using.

I really hated to see it go; I guess I need to start watching the stores and see who carries this little baby the cheapest!  To get more information on Purex's newest product, you can visit their facebook page.

I think if you'll try it once, you'll be hooked just like we were. Ticker

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