Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vistaprint - Free Valentine's Gifts!

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Vistaprint is known for giving away **FREE** stuff, but how about this?  Six (6) new products just in time for Valentine's Day!!  ...and guess what?  No one has to know you got them for **FREE!**
Celebrate your love with personalized gifts this Valentine’s Day. Vistaprint has 6 FREE gift ideas that are sure to spread love and joy! Save money and time by creating personalized Valentines for your kids to give to all of their friends. Choose from 100 free postcards or 10 free folded notecards. A mug is the perfect gift— useful and a thoughtful daily reminder of your love. Fill a flipbook with pictures from the whole year round to present your love in ways that words alone can’t express. Choose from nearly a hundred designs to compliment your style! Personalize a tote bag so your loved one can carry a reminder of you with him or her all the time.
Click on the image above to order yours before Valentine's Day!  Enjoy.

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