Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vistaprint - Valentine's Day Notecards!! 30 **FREE**!

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It's just about that time again!  Yep, Valentine's Day is right around the corner....

...and to celebrate, Vistaprint is giving away 30 **FREE** Valentine's Day custom cards (you only pay shipping and handling):
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with adorable and FREE Valentines! Buying your child’s Valentines has never been easier and cuter! Choose a design that allows for photo uploads and add your child’s picture for a one of a kind Valentine. Add a personal note from your child to his or her classmates and forget about filling in the "to/from" messaging on store-bought Valentines.

10 Free Note Cards - Cut into 3’s to Make 30 FREE Personalized Kid’s Valentines! Add a personal message and even a photo and create a unique valentine for your child to hand out in class. Order now and enjoy a stress free Valentine’s Day this year! The Note Cards are free- just pay shipping and processing!  (Shipping starts at $4.50.)
 Click on the image above to get started!  Have fun!!!

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