Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Juice in the City - ATL - Fernbank - 57% Discount on Tickets! One Adult Ticket AND One Child's Ticket for ONLY $14!

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Today's Juice in the City deal is 57% off Fernbank Museum tickets:
Mermaids and dragons and unicorns, oh my! Get one adult ticket and one child's ticket for just $14 with this deal. Imagine immersing yourself and your kids in a museum where you feel like you’ve gone back into a fantasy and you’re now a warrior, prince or princess, exploring the world of mythical creatures. You know your kids will love it – and we know you’ve got a bit of role-playing in you that’s aching to come out!
At the Fernbank Museum, just east of Midtown Atlanta, near Emory University, you really can let all your imagination run wild. The Mythic Creatures exhibit (closes August 11th) explains the origins of fantastical creatures like unicorns, mermaids and dragons. Plus, we’re able to look at real fossils and artifacts that inspired the mythic creatures of the imagination. And there are more displays, such as the Fernbank NatureQuest, where trees “grow” and a virtual river “flows” as part of the exhibition. This museum has family written all over it. Well, not actually, but you’ll sign up for another visit soon after you’re done.

Wanna purchase?  Sounds like an INCREDIBLE deal.  Visit the Juice in the City website!  Enjoy! Ticker

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