Monday, March 7, 2011

Living Social - ATL - Medical Weight Loss Solutions - $69 for a Four-Week Customized Weight Loss Program with Four Liprotropic Injections

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Today's Living Social deal for ATL is $69 for a four-week customized weight-loss program with four (4) liprotropic injections from Medical Weight Loss Solutions:
We hate to burst your bubble, but if fastening the zipper on those pants has become more of a struggle lately, it's probably not because your clothes have magically gotten smaller. Fight the battle of the bulge with today's deal at Medical Weight Loss Solutions in the Camp Creek Marketplace. Drop $69 (regularly $498), and get a four-week customized weight-loss program with four liprotropic injections. These injections contain a vitamin and supplement blend that increases energy in patients on a low-calorie diet. Designed by an MWLS physician, nurse practitioner, and nutritionist, this program is tailored to your needs and offers flexible meal plans that'll increase metabolism and energy, decrease body fat, prevent muscle loss, and enhance glycemic control. You'll shed that muffin top and be back in your skinny jeans in a snap.

Remember, if you get three of your friends to buy this deal with you, yours will be **FREE!**  Visit the Living Social website to get more information!  Enjoy! Ticker

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