Thursday, April 21, 2011

Living Social - ATL - Chastain Wellness Studio - Massage PLUS Facial!

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Today's Living Social deal is from Chastain Wellness Studio:
Seasoned sailors know that the art of knot-making can save your life in rocky waters. But stress knots in your back and neck can sink even the strongest of captains. Lucky for you, the body-saving first mates at Chastain Wellness Studio on Roswell Road can undo the hardiest of kinks. Drop anchor on today's deal and land a one-hour customized massage and one-hour Bioelements signature facial for $68 (a $165 value). These beauty pros will draw out impurities, release tension, and improve the elasticity and tone of your skin. If you're drowning in the muck of your day-to-day routine and need an escape, keep your dinghy afloat and raise the sails on this 59%-off deal.

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