Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kgb deals - ATL - Mezz Spa - 62% Discount!

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Today's kgb deals for ATL is from Mezz Spa:
Don't worry, be happy and pamper yourself too. At Mezz Spa there's nothing to stress about. The dedicated staff works hard to ensure you won't worry about a thing during your treatment, whichever one you choose. Select from skin-rejuvenating treatments that will have you looking younger and fresher just in time for spring. Enjoy a one-hour collagen boosting facial, one-hour salt glow scrub, or a 30-minute session of microdermabrasion. All are effective processes to get your skin into regeneration mode, shedding older layers, or boosting health from the inside.
Sounds GREAT!  Visit the kgb deals website to check out the details and final price!  Enjoy1

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  1. A skin resurfacing treatment that instantly improves skin texture. Hydrates and clears pores of impurities.