Friday, June 10, 2011

Bruster's - **FREE** Doggie Sundaes - Any Day, Any Time

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 Who knew?  I had no idea, and I have two pooches!

Bruster's offers **FREE** doggie sundaes to our pets:
We here at Bruster’s don’t claim to “Dog Whisper” or anything, we just know what makes for a big wag from your pooch and a big smile from you, a FREE Doggie Sundae! Bring your canine companion in for a special treat that’s made just for them. While you’re here, why not cool down with a new Bruster’s freeze that's available in so many awesome flavors! That’s what we’re talking about.. smiles and wags for everyone. See you this weekend!

Wanna check it out?  Visit Bruster's facebook page!  Enjoy! Ticker

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