Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Yard Goes Disney Opens Up For Applications!

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Have you ever seen this show on HGTV?  If you're a Disney fan, it's pretty amazing.  If fact, even if you're not a Disney fan, this show is pretty amazing.

Talented landscape designers take ordinary American family backyards and transform them into Disney-inspired Magical landscapes.  Here is a snippet from the JayTV website:
If you and your family love Disney rides, family resorts, and animated characters, we want to transform your backyard!  JayTV is teaming up with HGTV to create some of the most amazing backyard transformations you’ve ever seen. It’s a dream come true for families who love Disney!
Now, JayTV is looking for backyards to transform!  There are only three steps to getting in line to be chosen:
  • Fill out application
  • Include picture of your family
  • Include wide picture of your backyard
If you're one of the lucky ones, you may be chosen to get your backyard redone Disney style!  All you have to do is visit the JayTV website and start the application process!

*Thanks Chip & Co. for the heads up! Ticker Ticker

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