Friday, October 14, 2011

PB Teen - 50% Off All Costumes!

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Visit the PB Teen website to check out their cool costumes while they are all 50% off....

Truth be told, isn't Pottery Barn a little on the high side?  I haven't been to the website yet, so I'm not sure what 50% means at PB Teen...might not be that good of a deal if their prices are already high.....

...and hey, would you look at that?  **FREE** shipping to boot!  Now, this makes the deal a little bit more sweeter...heading over to see what they have for my two guys!

Good luck!

UPDATE:  Oh my gosh!  I am seriously loving these costumes!  I mean, the cupcake is just way too cute!  Wonder if I can fit in one of these...for **FREE** shipping, I may just try it.... Ticker

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