Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boys' Life Magazine - One-Year Subscription 65% Off! $15

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Have a Scout in your household?  ...or even a son?  This is a great magazine for them.  Right now, Mamasource is offering a one-year subscription to Boys' Life for only $15!  That's 65% off the cover price.

Visit the Mamasource website to purchase this deal.
Whether you’ve got a scout on your gift list or just a boy who thrives on adventure, a subscription to Boys’ Life will provide hours of educational entertainment. From sports news and feature stories to jokes, games, and posters, every page inspires today’s youth to connect with the outdoors and live more active, inquisitive, and fun lives. Choose from the early age group (6-11) or older readers (12-17). Boys’ Life strives to foster a lifelong love of reading, nature and learning in a positive atmosphere. Ticker

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