Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Center for Puppetry Arts - Journey of Discovery at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport!

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Recently, the Center for Puppetry Arts made a highly-anticipated arrival at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with its new ‘World on a String: Global Puppetry’ exhibit.

The exhibit features 51 puppets on loan from the Center for Puppetry Arts and is located inside the airport in the walkway connecting the main security area and Concourse T. Through this fall, travelers can enjoy a unique look at the diverse and evolving art form of puppetry.

‘World on a String’ takes visitors on a journey through the history and variety of puppetry across the globe. Included in the display are puppets from 17 different regions of the world, including Belgium, China, Egypt, India, Nigeria, and the United States. As told through the informative displays, the art of puppetry has traveled around the world and across time. The majority of puppets included in the exhibit are from the 20th century although the oldest puppet on display dates back to 1835. Of the 51 featured puppets, 11 have never before been on display.

Melissa McCarriagher, Center for Puppetry Arts’ Curator of Exhibits, spearheaded the project by designing, researching, coordinating, and installing the exhibit and its many components. Both the staff at the Center for Puppetry Arts and the team at Hartsfield-Jackson enthusiastically welcomed the idea to create a new, more comprehensive display to complement the Center’s existing international puppetry exhibit at Concourse E.

“We are proud to present this colorful, eye-catching exhibit, which appeals to all age groups,” said Katherine Murbury, Airport Art Program Manager. “The puppets on display represent treasured forms of the art, such as the iconic duo Punch and Judy, as well as other, less familiar varieties – like water puppetry – to make the exhibit interesting.”

The ‘World on a String’ exhibit not only outlines numerous forms of puppetry, but also traces how the art has evolved within various cultures around the world. With such an international clientele, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the perfect venue to help the Center for Puppetry Arts celebrate this evolution.

“Through this exhibit, we hope that many people will be able to discover something new about all of the various cultures across the globe in a way that only puppetry can offer,” said Vince Anthony, Center for Puppetry Arts founding Executive Director. “Some form of puppetry exists in every major culture on Earth; it is our hope that many people will connect with their cultural roots while viewing this exhibit.”

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