Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crayola Underseas Adventures Color Stories - AMAZING Price - Amazon!

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Wow!  Look at this amazing deal on Amazon.  I swear, I wonder just how many great deals are on Amazon that we never discover or stumble across...

This is another fabulous Crayola product -- Crayola Underseas Adventures Color Stories.  I'm thinking of ordering it for my preschool room for Ocean week:

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Crayola Undersea Adventures Color Stories is an interactive DVD which tells stories of amazing journeys taken by Jerome the Jelly Fish, Pedro the Puffer Fish, Samantha the Sea Lion and all their lovable friends from the Undersea Adventures world. Kids progress through the story by coloring along in the included coloring books, and participating in activities along with the characters on screen. The DVD includes three original stories full of interactive elements that let kids join all their undersea fiends on adventures while enhancing their memory, matching and problem solving-skills. The coloring activities within the stories are randomized by the DVD each time a story is told and the inclusion of extra printable coloring pages on the DVD ensures that the stories can be played numerous times while continuing to remain fresh and engaging. Parents simply pop the DVD in, press play and the characters do the rest. Each of the stories last 20-25 minutes and once started the DVD needs no interaction from parents or kids. Along with the DVD, Crayola Undersea Adventures Color Stories comes with three coloring books and 3 8-packs of Crayola crayons. Kids can play alone, with a few friends, or Color Stories can be used as a party activity or preschool lesson by simply printing a coloring page for everyone from the DVD. 2009 Preferred Choice Award Winner -Creative Child Awards - Interactive Creative Play for Kids Crayola Undersea Adventures Color Stories keeps kids smiling play after play!

Product Description

Contains : 3 24- page Coloring Book Interactive story DVD 3 Packs of 8 Crayola crayons
This looks like a great product.  Click on any of the images below to order.  Remember, Amazon is famous for changing their prices on a whim.  If you want this product, you'd better buy it now while they have it marked down 60%!  Enjoy!

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