Saturday, February 4, 2012

Memphis - A Rockin' Good Time in Atlanta

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Wow!  I guess that's the first word that comes to mind when thinking of the Broadway in Atlanta production of Memphis.

Truthfully, I had not heard of this play before last week, but upon arriving at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta it was apparent I was probably the only one that had not heard of it!  The theater was packed, and the crowd was lively throughout the entire production.

Memphis plays The Fox Theatre through tomorrow, Sunday, February 5th.  Tickets can be bought for as little as $28.  I would not recommend taking small children to this play as the subject matter is a little bit mature, and there are a few moments where profanity is used.

That said, if you would love to see a fast-paced and "jumping" musical, Memphis is definitely it.  The play is set in the 1950s when segregation was rampant across America.  The story introduces us to a soon-to-be-famous white DJ, Huey, played by Bryan Fenkart who "discovers" a black nightclub singer, Felicia, played fabulously by Felicia Boswell, singing in her brother's club on Beale Street.

As Huey continues his fight to get this new type of blues music onto mainstream America AM radio, Felicia is also growing in her dreams to one day be heard on radio stations all across America.  Their story continues as we see Huey and Felicia fall in love, all the while trying to hide their love from what would definitely be a disapproving public eye.

To say the performances in MEMPHIS are incredible would be an understatement.  Boswell's voice rings out throughout the play and the theater like a songbird, and it is her voice that carries the play.  The lungs on this girl are amazing!  When Felicia is on stage, the audience grows silent and is captivated by her beauty and her talent.  (Watching Boswell reminded me time and time again of Anika Noni Rose.)

The talent of Felicia and her other cast members is simply amazing.  Truly gifted to say the very least.

I loved this play, and seeing it with a packed house and a very lively audience made the show all that much better.  Sometimes it's hard hearing words used in the 50s (and still to this day) and seeing segregation and the hatred that came along with it.  Honestly, I didn't enjoy that part of the play at all, but history is what it is, and we all have to face where America has come from and how far it still has yet to go.

Thank goodness the music in this play carries us through the hard moments and reminds us of what good came from that time period.  Memphis plays for one more day in Atlanta - tomorrow, Sunday, February 5th.

I strongly encourage you, if you don't have anything planned for your Superbowl Sunday yet, visit Ticketmaster online ( or by phone (800.982.2787) and pick up a set of tickets (tickets are as low as $28) to this amazing show before it leaves town.

This show is one you don't want to miss!  Here is a YouTube video showing some Memphis backstage traditions from the Cast:

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