Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disney Store - Get a Head Start on 25th Anniversary Savings!

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Planning on shopping The Disney Store's 25th Anniversary Sale tomorrow?

Why not get a head start by shopping tonight?  That's right, you can start shopping now (three hours earlier) by using the promo code HAPPY25 when checking out.

There are a lot of great sales and new items (check out the Vinylmations).  So, grab a cup of coffee and take your time!  It may take you a while to go through the site!

*Before you begin shopping, make sure you have signed up with ShopAtHome.com.  This is a cash back site that rewards you for shopping on-line.  Link through ShopAtHome.com first, and then, earn an additional 5% cash back on your entire order!

*Today is also the last day to get 25% off swim accessories (beach towels, flip flops, sunglasses, etc.).  Use the promo code SWIM25 when checking out (yes, you can combine discount codes--that is one thing I love about shopping at The Disney Store on-line)!

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