Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Disney Movie Rewards - Bonus Reward Points! Three Days Only!

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It's a Jolly Holiday to build your Disney Movie Rewards ("DMR") balance!  I love when DMR does these kind of things (i.e., Christmas time)!

Right now, DMR is giving you a chance, until April 5th, to find and reward yourself with several hidden/bonus points.  They are giving you five clues in which you will have to find the hidden words.  Once you have the words, enter them as bonus codes to redeem your points.

Here are the clues!  Good luck!

UPDATE:  Okay, this one is a bit tricky, so in light of not having the links handy in this post, I'm going to list the bonus words for you instead.  Here they are.  Each one is worth 10 bonus points:
  • baskets
  • bunny
  • blooms
  • bouquets
  • hopped Ticker

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