Tuesday, April 24, 2012

kgb deals - Interactive Murder Mystery, Sushi, & More

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Here are a few of today's ATL kgb deals:

  • Unique Events, Interactive Murder Mystery - $23 (54% off) - A murder just feet from where you stand; a sexy stranger disguised by a decorated mask. Those shivers you just felt are called living. Add some excitement to your life with a ticket to Massacre at The Mardi Gras interactive murder mystery for $23 and one admission to a Masquerade Party for $23, both courtesy of Unique Events and today's kgbdeal. During the night of mystery – being held several nights in May – you step into the role of detective and solve a gripping whodunit that will put your brain to the ultimate test and keep you on the edge of your seat until the culprit is revealed. In addition to the fun, you’ll enjoy two complimentary drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Door prizes go to the team that solves the most murders.

    Celebrate your skills by dressing up in costume and attending the Masquerade Party on May 5 or May 19. This fun, festive event includes costume contest, parade of costumes, and more. Nibble on appetizers, sip one free drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and enjoy decadent desserts. Enjoy those shivers.
    • Sushi 101 - $25 worth of sushi for only $10 - Welcome to Sushi 101, folks. In this course, you'll learn what makes sushi good, what kind of effect it can have on your taste buds, and why you should be coming back for more in the near future. First, what makes sushi good? The ingredients and recipes – and this class uses only the finest ones. What can your palate expect? An unmistakable taste that leaves quite a lasting impression. Why should you come back in the future? Well, one taste of what this course has to offer should answer that question for you, but in order to return, you'll have to get started. Purchase today's kgbdeal and get $25 worth of delicious sushi for only $10 – it's the most fun educational experience you'll have all week!
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