Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zulily - Disney Jewelry 55% Off!

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How exciting!  I just signed up for Zulily e-mails after seeing all the great deals other bloggers were posting, and my first one contained one of my favorite things!  DISNEY!  Yeah (clapping)!

Visit the Zulily site, and you can see a wonderful array of cute and pretty Disney jewelry.  Here are a few sneak peeks:

Um...must have these!

Uh oh, must--have these too!
I see birthday written all over this blog post...
Plus, there are a lot more designs - lots of Princess and Tinkerbell motifs.  Not sure what shipping runs, but they are running a special:  place your first order (pay shipping) and all subsequent orders will have **FREE** shipping....

So, who wants to place the first order for us??

*Sale ends 4/4/12!  Happy shopping!

(Click on the caption below to visit Zulily.)

Visit Zulily today.  Sale ends 4/4/12 at 6AM! Ticker

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