Tuesday, May 15, 2012

**FREE** Cutter Citronella Candles - Walmart!

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Normally, I don't post Walmart price matches because, in my experience, I've found them to be a complete waste of time.  I'll spend time reading them, cutting coupons, and making a list only to find out the prices in my store never match what any of the coupon-matching blogs post. 

But since this is a **FREEBIE,** I'm going to post it and put it on my personal Walmart shopping list.  If it's **FREE,** GREAT; if not, it should be close.  I have a small pond in my backyard, and the mosquitoes love to come out at night...hopefully, these candles on my patio deck and table will help eliminate those pesky bugs!

Here's how to work the **FREEBIE** magic:
*Thanks Maven of Savin!

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