Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eversave May Madness - **FREE** $10!

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Want to make a quick, easy, and **FREE** $10?  Here's how:
  • Join the daily deal website Eversave.
  • Eversave will instantly credit your account with a **FREE** $10

If you are already a member of Eversave, you can refer friends and family.  They will earn the **FREE** $10, and your account will be credited a **FREE** $5!  Sounds like a win-win situation to me....

If you aren't familiar with Eversave, it's a daily deal website.  Every day, they will introduce a new sale item or item(s).  I've gotten some great deals over the years - movie tickets, ghost tours, etc.  It's a great site.

I've even got a lot of my deals for **FREE** thanks to friends and family signing up or buying deals I post about.  It's easy and it's fast.

It's **FREE** to sign up, and if you want, you can sign up for their daily e-mail telling you what item they are offering each day.  Why not sign up and have a **FREE** $10 waiting for you, just in case??

Click on the Eversave image above to visit or sign up (or any link in this post).  

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