Monday, May 14, 2012

**FREE** Droid App of the Day (Amazon) - KeyChord

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Here is today's Amazon **FREE** droid app of the day:
  • Keychord
Product Description--The Piano Reference App--Find Chords and Scales on your Android Device
Do you love your piano or keyboard but get bored when it comes to the nuts and bolts of finding chords and scales?

KeyChord is a virtual keyboard on which you can select chords or scaletypes. Now you can create beautiful music by tapping the screen of your smartphone or tablet without the strain of figuring out scales and chord root notes.
A Personal Piano Teacher
You can use KeyChord as your personal music tutor, learning chords and scales while enjoying the creative side of the piano. For instance, simply tap on a key to make it the root of your chord, or long-press a selected chord note to invert the chord to that position. You can do the same with scales. Tap an already-selected root note for different kinds of information modes like note names or intervals.
KeyChord lets you select a chord dynamically anywhere you want on the keyboard. It doesn't use a database to give you just a few predefined chord locations, but knows how chords work mathematically, giving you the power to explore chords on your keyboard.
Reverse Lookup allows for dynamic note selection for the chords you have in mind or that you discover on your piano: Keychord tells you automatically how the chord is called, and supports even missing notes like CMaj7 (no 5th).
  • More than 50 chord types
  • More than 100 scale types
  • Note names
  • Component intervals
  • Inversions
  • Staff view
  • Favorite and recent chord types
  • Hear every chord and scale
Audio playback is also enabled in all modes. And included as a bonus is the playable five octave multi-touch piano from Mini Piano Pro (128 sounds and 5 octaves).
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