Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Word Run PRO - Amazon **FREE** Droid App of the Day!

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Today's Amazon **FREE** droid app of the day is Word Run Pro:
Do the Alphabet Shuffle
How far can you run in Word Run Pro? That depends on how many words you can find from seven random letters. Form words of three letters or more. Don't repeat yourself--the more unique words you find, the more points you get. The longer the word you find, the more added time you get to find new ones. Once you run out of words, advance to the next level and get new letters.
Getting Warmed Up
Try Practice mode--a timerless version--before you start running, just to get a feel for the game. When you're ready to run, find as many words as possible from a pile of seven random letters as you work against the clock. Get a "run" of words from the same set of letters to increase your word score. Select letters from the Rack in the middle of the screen to form a word of three or more letters.
If the word you create is listed in the dictionary, and it hasn't already been used on the level, then the word is accepted. The word will be added to an area at the bottom of the screen for your reference. If you can't find any more words from the rack, then advance to the next level and receive new letters. The score for the level's seven letters is reset when you advance to the next level, so it pays to find as many words as possible on any given level.
You'd Better Run...
There are a number of achievements to complete outside the normal rules of the game. These include having a particularly good run of words within a level, having consistently good runs over a number of levels, and finding a set number of words in each word length group. Also, there is a small bonus added to your time when you start a new game based on the number of achievements you have completed. The dictionary uses professional word game tournament word lists (like SOWPODS and TWL06) and both U.S. and U.K. spellings.
To download this app or read more about it, you can visit the click on any of the images below.

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