Saturday, September 15, 2012

Disney Reveals 23 Fun Facts & Hidden Gems from the First 22 Episodes of Once Upon a Time!

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D23, the Official Disney Fan Club, has revealed 23 fun facts and hidden Disney references from the first 22 episodes of the ABC Show, "Once Upon a Time."  Think you caught everything yourself already?  Check out list and see how smart you really are!
  • Episode 1: The blue candle that Emma places on her birthday cupcake to make a wish, not to be alone, is in homage to Pinocchio‘s Geppetto wishing on the blue star not to be alone.

  • Episode 2: The mushroom ornaments on the bookshelves of Archie Hopper’s office are a reference to Alice in Wonderland.Episode 3: Mary Margaret has a ceramic blue figurine next to her bed, not unlike the bluebirds her alter ego, Snow White, is friends with in the fairy-tale world.
  • Episode 3: Mary Margaret has a ceramic blue figurine next to her bed, not unlike the bluebirds her alter ego, Snow White, is friends with in the fairy-tale world.

  • Episode 4: Did you see the Minnie Mouse figurine on display in Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop?

  • Episode 5: We meet Archie Hopper’s dog, Pongo. Hello, One Hundred and One Dalmatians!

  • Episode 6: The white ceramic rabbit in Mary Margaret’s kitchen is a reference to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Episode 7: Emma and Graham stroll past a store called Worthington’s Haberdashery. It was J. Worthington Foulfellow who led Pinocchio astray.

  •  Episode 8: Mr. Gold must be a serious Disney collector. Here we see a Mickey Mouse figurine in a case (along with Minnie).

  •  Episode 9: This week, Mr. Gold’s pawnshop features Aladdin’s lamp.

  •  Episode 10: Mary Margaret is reading Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island, which appeared in Flynn’s safe house in TRON: Legacy.

  •  Episode 11: The Genie reveals he’s from Agrabah—the land where he probably just helped out Aladdin.

  • Episode 12: When Belle drops her teacup, it chips—just like Chip in Beauty and the Beast.
  • Episode 13:  One of the objects in the shrine is a pomegranate, a reference to Persephone, a Greek myth much like Hercules. (Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s the best we have for this one!)

  • Episode 14: The stars that adorn the classroom for miner’s day are references to the many fairies from the fairy-tale world, including the Blue Fairy, represented by a blue star.

  •  Episode 15: Red’s boyfriend is Peter (as in “and the Wolf”—an unfortunate bit of irony for the character).

  • Episode 16: In the scene where Prince Charming confronts Rumplestiltskin, there’s an arrangement of roses on the table, which references Rumplestiltskin’s role as the beast in Belle’s episode.

  • Episode 17: Little Grace adores a stuffed white rabbit—in an episode dedicated to Alice in Wonderland.

  • Episode 18: “I’m not a liar,” says a defensive August, whom we learn a few episodes later is actually Pinocchio.

  • Episode 19: This week, Mr. Gold has a vintage Mickey Mouse telephone in his case!

  • Episode 20: The whale that Pinocchio carves is a reference to Monstro (who we also see in this episode). And Henry is given his lunch in a Tron lunchbox.

  • Episode 21: There’s a Mickey Mouse magnet on Mary Margaret’s refrigerator.

  • Episode 22: Jefferson—the Mad Hatter—has his own party, giving the psychiatric ward nurse some potent tea (laced with a drug to make her fall asleep). And when Regina and Emma retrieve Prince Charming’s sword from Mr. Gold, there’s an unlit candelabra on his counter that looks like Lumiere.

  • Bonus—Number 23! August’s motorcycle license plate is “23.” The creators say it’s a reference to the number from Lost. We’d prefer to think it’s a reference to D23.
To see pictures to go along with several of these hidden gems, visit the D23 website. Ticker

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