Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Publix DIGITAL Coupons Coming to EVERY Store by March 15!

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Yes, I'm about a week behind everyone with this fantastic bit of news, but there's been major life changes going on here at home, so I hope you all can forgive me!

In case you haven't heard, Publix will now be providing DIGITAL coupons to all their stores by March 15.  Here is their schedule:
  • All Florida Stores - March 8
  • All South Carolina Stores - March 8
  • All Georgia Stores - March 14
  • All Tennessee Stores - March 15
Even though you will not be able to use your coupons until your state's date, you can visit Publix's website to sign up and load the coupons.

Looks like this will be an easy process with no loyalty card(s) involved.  Just give the clerk your phone number at checkout, and the coupons will be automatically taken off your bill.

Of course, let's remember -- you can't use a paper coupon with a digital coupon, so choose your sales carefully!  ...and don't try to fool them, if you use a paper coupon for a product, the digital coupon will not come off your bill.

Good thing, though, is that you CAN combine their digital coupons with Upromise and Ibotta deposits.

To see all of the current Publix Digital Coupons, visit their website and sign up.  Right now, they are showing about 100 coupons!

Good luck and enjoy!

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