Sunday, March 3, 2013

Have You Heard of CommonKindness?

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*Photo and story courtesy of CommonKindness
Have you heard about CommonKindness yet?  It's a great website that provides coupons and a chance to help others.  From their About Us page,
"Our goal is to promote kindness.  CommonKindness coupons empower you to help your family and help others.
Every time you redeem CommonKindness printable grocery coupons we provide funds to your favorite non-profit - at no cost to you!
Here's how it works:
    1.  Sign-up / Sign-in and select your favorite Non-Profit
    2.  Print and redeem grocery coupons
    3CommonKindness provides funds to your favorite Non-Profit
Companies pay an advertising fee to CommonKindness and we share 20% of funds received with the non-profits you select.
Register today to start saving money & helping others.
During these challenging economic times people are seeking simple ways to save money. Similarly, the non-profit organizations that do so much to support our local communities are struggling to raise money. At the same time, businesses are struggling to maintain their sales and provide jobs.
CommonKindness has created a unique business model - a sustainable partnership between people, the charities they care about and businesses.
This is the power of CommonKindness.
This is how you can make a difference."
 To  see all the coupons CommonKindness currently offers, visit their website.  Enjoy!

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