Thursday, August 15, 2013

USELL.COM - Why You Should Sell Your iPhone Now

With Apple widely expected to launch its new iPhone on Sept. 10, proactive used iPhone sellers can earn an extra $72 by taking action before Sept. 10.

To measure the effect of a new iPhone model on the used iPhone market, examined hundreds of used iPhone sales on its platform following the 2012 iPhone 5 launch.  Notable findings included:

  • 1 week after a new iPhone launch, old iPhones lose about 5% in value.
  • 2 weeks after launch, old iPhones depreciate about 12%.
  • By weeks 3 and 4, old phones are worth about 20% less.
But by locking in a sale price BEFORE an upcoming iPhone launch (many platforms like offer 30-day price guarantees), consumers can substantially increase the value of their old phones!
  • iPhone 5:  Potentially worth $72 more (compared to 3 weeks after launch)
  • iPhone 4S:  Worth $46 more
  • iPhone 4:  Worth $29 more

*NOTE:  A savvy consumer could lock in a sale price before Sept. 10, but then wait to ship their old phone until right after they get their new model.

Would you like to know more about this subject?  Thinking about upgrading to the new iPhone when it's released?  It looks now might be the best time to put your current phone up for sale! 

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