Friday, July 22, 2016

Pike Nurseries celebrates National Blueberry Month this July!

Garden experts bring bountiful berries to the forefront of festivities all month long
Pike Nurseries is celebrating National Blueberry Month by offering bountiful blueberry plants at all store locations, as well as fresh tips from its garden experts on how to grow them at home.
In addition to scrumptious super fruit, blueberry shrubs serve as a year-round giver, working overtime to earn its place in the garden each season. From gorgeous, white bell-shaped flowers in the spring to succulent and full fruit in the summer; to knockout colorful foliage in the fall and graceful golden stems in the winter, blueberries are a delicious and simple shrub to add to any garden!
Berry Good Benefits 

In addition to the gorgeous foliage blueberries offer, the biggest benefit comes from the luscious berries themselves. Ranked number one in antioxidants among all fruits and veggies by the USDA, this super fruit is known to enhance memory, improve vision, and aide in anti-aging. They can also lower blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes, and give your body an overall natural boost to keep it healthy and strong!
Ready to Get Growing? 

Blueberries are easy, low maintenance shrubs that require full sun (an area that receives 6+ hours of sunlight) and some extra room in the ground to grow. To ensure these plants produce sweet treats to enjoy all summer long, they should be planted in acidic soil like Pike Azalea, Camellia, and Gardenia Planting Mix and be placed in a hole twice the height of the original container. Mix in a handful of E.B. Stone Sure Start when planting to give blueberries a healthy start and reduce transplant shock.  Keep newly planted blueberries watered thoroughly for healthy hydration. Although tempting, the bite-size berries shouldn’t be harvested until they are plump and evenly blue in order to have the perfect palate.
Whether guests plan to incorporate home-grown blueberries into every day recipes for an added nutritious punch or eat them fresh out of the bucket, Pike Nurseries has the expert advice to ensure this mouthwatering fruit is planted to perfection for guests to enjoy all year round!
For more information on National Blueberry Month and tips for garden-to-table goodness, please visit Pike Nurseries at

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