Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Credit Karma is Offering FREE Tax Filing for Federal AND State!

I know what you are saying, "No way!"

I know.  I didn't believe it either.  Most tax software products offer Federal income tax filing for free, but rarely do they offer the State portion as well.  (Although, there may be occasions where they offer it for FREE or times when you may be eligible.)

So, I clicked through and yes - it appears to be true!  Credit Karma Tax is offering 100% free income tax filing!

I am very excited for this and am going to try it with the hope that it works as well as both FreeTaxUSA's and H&R Block's free programs.

I've used FreeTaxUSA for years.  I have two small businesses that I try to keep track of through the year and FreeTaxUSA has really helped me with the tracking of expenses and other business-related accounting items.

So if you are you ready to try your hand at filing taxes this year, head over to the Credit Karma Tax website to start your completely FREE State and Federal income tax returns!  (This service includes all features plus the free filing for supported forms and situations.)

Credit Karma Tax will also give you a 100% guarantee in the accuracy of their calculations and a free Audit Defense in the event you are audited.

Good luck and drop us a comment below to tell us if you tried it!

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