Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Fiddler on the Roof Opens at Atlanta's Fox Theatre



The image above is from a dream sequence inside NETworks Presentations' Fidder on the Roof ("Fiddler") production, playing this week at Atlanta's The Fox Theatre.

This one still picture represents all the goodness, talent, and wonderfulness of this musical.  It also represents all the oddities and craziness of this story and production.

I'll be honest here.

I knew the music (well, some of it) from Fiddler, but I didn't know the story.  I had never seen the movie. Both my Grandmother and my Parents had the music around.  Record albums, TV, organ sheet music.  But - still.  I never sat down and actually watched the movie.

The first half of this musical is phenomenal.  Be prepared, though.  The first act is two hours long, so make sure you are well settled, have taken your potty break, and are equipped with your snacks and beverages of choice.

The first half develops the story.  Gives us the background on the characters, their environment, the time they live in, and their relationship with each other and community.  Community.  It is a huge part of Fiddler, and without it, the play would have no knitting together.

The choreography is spectacular.  The group dance scenes by the male dancers is on spot and fabulous.  So many times, they had the audience clapping in time with them on stage.  Many times, audience members shouted out at the scenes and characters in front of them.  Many times, whoops and hollers where given to the musical numbers.  

The songs are familiar and well-loved, as this story has now been told for decades.

The actors are amazing.  Super talented, funny, and true to the characters they portray.  You can't go wrong heading back to the theatre to see Fiddler.  Even children would be welcome at this show, as there is no nudity and no profanity.

Keep in mind, though, that if you take your children, you will probably have to explain this time in history and what is happening.  Many older children will be able to understand and open doors for discussion, but it may be a little disturbing for younger children.

The second half of the play, about an hour in length, is not as powerful as the first half (or so that is my humble opinion).  While the actors and music are still on spot, the story moves into a more meatier story line reflecting the time period it is set in and thus, turns dark and gloomy.

We see our characters' wedding destroy, their homes ripped out from under them, and the community dissolving as each family heads to different parts of the new world that is developing around them.

Since I have never seen the movie, the musical encourages me to dig deeper and find out more about the story line, the background on each family, and to help me understand the ending a little better.

I would say that if you are planning on attending this show, watch the movie first.  Gain a little bit of foundation and understanding of the story line, the time period it is set in, and getting to know the characters and their families.  Then, sit back - singalong - clap in time - and enjoy the story America and the world have loved since 1964. 

Fidder on the Roof plays The Fox Theatre through November 14th.  There are a select number of $40 tickets for each performance.  You may purchase tickets via the Fox Theatre website at

To learn more about the musical, visit the musical's website or any of their social media accounts (facebook, twitter, and instagram).

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