Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts


Good morning sweet friends.

I have no idea what to say today.  I just know I need to write.

I want to direct you to today's Proverbs 31 morning devotion.  It has to deal with grief, and maybe that's why my instint to write this morning is extremely strong.

Maybe you need to hear about grief.  If so, I hope you will click the link above and take time to pour a hot cup of coffee and read.  It will be so good for your soul.

As for me, my takeaway from this morning's devotional were a few lines that hit me particulary strong this morning:

"I once heard a Christian counselor give some advice I’ve been trying to live by ever since: 'Feel all your feelings,' he said, 'and then lay them at the foot of the cross. Give them to Jesus.'

Feelings aren’t selfish. They aren’t a weakness or evidence of a lack of faith. And we need not fear our feelings. We can lean into them, experiencing them all fully — without the dread of wallowing — by bringing them to Jesus, our Savior who understands.

Feelings.  Interesting.

"They aren't a weakness or evidence of a lack of faith."  Weakness.  Without fear.  Lean fully into them...without the dread of wallowing.  Bring them to the cross.

For me, this hits my thoughts and feelings right on target.  I'm older now (56 to be exact), and it seems by the time we (meaning women) hit this age, our hormones are shifting and moving (although - this is not specific to women; men's hormones shift and change as well).  One minute, I am up and happy and ready to interact on a high note with my friends.  The next, like this morning, I have a deeper feeling of sadness or uncertainty.  Feelings and modds ebb and flow.

We can apply our hormone cremes, but the creme doesn't ever really seem to stop the ups and downs.  So, as Scripture teaches in the Old Testament, we can be fully present in our feelings and then lay them down at Jesus' feet.

What are your fears?  I have extreme fears of failure - financial failures, parenting failures, career failures.  I question all the decisions I've made throughout my life.  I look at others. lives and put those same decisions in the column of wrong and inadequate

I'm a worker bee. A Type A personality, so my solutions are always to PRAY and keep working.  I love to work; I love to learn; I love to keep trying new things.  So, that's what I do when these valleys hit (or sometimes, I just binge watch tv and lay on my couch).

I've never been remiss about the blessings in my life.  I've never taken my "things" or my inner circle for granted.  I just wish for more - financial security; debt paid; better career options (meaning, I wish my current job - that I love - paid fairly and on a par with other similar jobs in my field).

I hope today's devotional will help you.  I have some more outside work to do today (annual scrubbing and cleaning of the front porch) - physical work and exercise always help me climb out of my funks, and I am also starting a new Masterclass today on e-commerce (you know how much I love that).  

Friends, I am praying for you.  Never be afraid to share your hurts and feelings.  If you need prayer, reach out.  I am always here to listen and pray for and with you.  I love you all.  

Let's wrap up today with the Proverbs 31 daily prayer:  "Lord, I surrender myself to the goodness of grief, knowing that You’re with me there. Instead of numbing or stuffing my grief, I will trust You to bring comfort and healing as I feel my feelings fully. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."

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