Monday, December 12, 2022

Praying for Unsaved Husbands


I started my prayer journal as a journal.  To help me through a hard time in life.

It brought me to my knees, to tears on many occasions, and it satisfied my soul and put me at the foot of the Cross.  I've since counseled other women to do the same.

Take up God's Word AGAIN; reread it; and APPLY (yes, actually APPLY) those principles to your life.  Stop living like you are and follow God's Principles and Word.  

I don't know if it will change your circumstance(s), but it will change you, and that's what counts the most.

One of the Bible Studies and Devotions I am reading is how to pray for unsaved husbands.  Let's be clear - I don't have a husband.  I am divorced and have been for the past almost-10 years.  But I felt this study and devotion was relevant to my life, and so I began it.

Today, I finished it, but not with the conviction and change I expected.  This morning, a friend was laid on my heart.  A woman that has lived with an abusive, cheating, and mean man for over 50 years.  They go to church together; they live together; yet, he is in all accounts (and disclaimer here - I don't know his heart; only Jesús does) unsaved.  He has hit her; not helped her when she was physically hurt and/or sick; and he has banished one of their two children from their lives.

My friend sneaks around to see her daughter, behind her husband's back, for fear of any repercussions that may come.  The daughter is devastated and broken at times - both from her Father disowning her to watching her Mother live with such a man.  Her only sibling, a brother, stands to inherit everything - the family land, home, and a good deal of wealth.  It's hard to watch.  In fact, it's heartbreaking.

So - fast forward to this morning's devotional.  I started reading and immediately, my heart was all over my friend and her family.  So I share this prayer and this devotion as an outreach and prayer to and for them - and also to anyone reading this that is dealing with a husband that is hard to reach sometimes; to anyone whose husband can be verbally, mentally, or physically abusing sometimes (or all the time); and to anyone who needs help in being released from being a victim. 

If you are a victim, please reach out to anyone - even me.  We have resources that can help; groups set up to defend and protect you.  But at the very core, you must start at the Cross.  Lay your life here.  Your hurt.  Your problems.  Your health.  Your safety.  Once your very core is unburdened, get help.

Now, let's pray together for these women who are suffering and for the men that need Jesus.

"Father, in the name of Jesus, my husband was created to serve you.  I refuse to believe or go along with the lies of the enemy that wants me to believe anything opposite of this.  I pray that you send forth laborers on his behalf to come to his rescue.  I may not always say or do everything right. At times I admit that I am driven more by my emotions than I am my spirit. However, you know my heart.  My intent is good although my actions may show the opposite. My heart's desire is for my husband to lead and love by your example.  Help me to activate the fruit of the spirit in my life so that my spiritual posture is not compromised by my flesh. Lord, I thank you that my husband will hunger and thirst after righteousness and he will be filled.  He will no longer desire the things of this world. In fact, he will begin to lose interest and taste for worldly pleasures and desires.  He is being made a new creation and old things are being released from him now. Old mindsets, old emotions, old friends, old behaviors - - everything old must go never to return. I thank you in advance for what you have done. I stand with great expectation that my husband’s salvation is secure and his life will glorify you in all that he does.  In Jesus' name, Amen."

Today's devotion for those struggling:

"If you are like most if not all Christian women, you have a desire for your husband to serve God.  There are instances where couples get married and both individuals are unsaved. Then, one gives their life to God while the other still lives in the world or both knew God and one turned away.  In this scenario, it is the husband that either does not know God or turned away from God and the wife is forced to lead her husband and family spiritually.  Although this is not God’s original design or plan, it does not mean that you give up and let go.  It does not mean that you allow your frustration and weariness to cause you to turn your back on your husband or marriage.  You, being the sanctified wife, can sanctify your husband through the word of God and by your conduct.  

Your spiritual influence within your home has more power than you think.  It is imperative that your spiritual posture remains stable and that you exemplify the love of God toward your spouse in all that you do.  The spirits and strongholds that he is wrestling with will try to fight you every step of the way. However, you must be steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor of love, peace, grace, forgiveness, and discipleship is not in vain. Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor (your husband) as you love yourself.  

Recall the time and grace God extended to you time and time again until you got to this point.  You can do way more damage to the kingdom of darkness in the prayer room than you can ever do in the courtroom (if separation or divorce is on the table). Your husband may not be in a position to serve God yet but be encouraged that your entire household will serve God. You don’t have to force him or be contemptuous toward him. Simply demonstrate God’s love and implement biblical principles and God will do the rest.

If developing a consistent and active prayer life in praying for your husband and marriage has been a challenge for you, I encourage you to connect with the Wives Who Win community for additional tools and resources on how to pray effective prayers that get answered!"

My prayer is for ALL of us to be unburdened and to allow God to work His very best in our lives.  If you are a victim of domestic violence, please click the link to the group above.  Start there.  If you are danger, please reach out to your local Law Enforcement Agency immediately.  

It's not important what your friends, family, and community think.  They aren't thinking what you think they are.  I can promise you they'd rather have you safe and alive than hurting and dead.

Make the change.  Jesus is waiting.

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