Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Product Alert! - BioTrust MetaboGreens Superfood Powder - 50% Off!


Product Alert!

If you are not familiar with BioTRUST, now is the time to get familiar.

Their products are simply the best.  Once you start researching healthcare products, their ingredients, how they are manufactured, etc. (I can't even get into all the details of researching healthcare products), you will find that BioTRUST meets all the minimum requirements and then goes even further.

They are an amazing company I discovered years ago, and they still have not fallen short.

One of their products I have recently discovered is their MetaboGreens, Energizing Berry flavor.  If you have tried Greens powders in the past and hated them, try this product.  It is delicious!

In fact, my bag is almost empty, and I was headed to their website to price out another bag.  At almost $40/bag, I was holding out and leaning toward saying goodbye.

But, I decided to look at Amazon to see what BioTRUST was selling it for on their account there.  Sometimes, you can get their products through their Amazon store less than you can on their website.

Score!  Take a peek at the screenshot below.  Right now, they are having a sale plus a 25% coupon, bringing the price down to $20!  (You must choose the Subscribe and Save option.  I do this a lot to score the lower price on items I am buying.  You can set the subscription to six months and then adjust or cancel as necessary.)

If you been a juicer or an avid Balance of Nature customer, I urge you to look at BioTRUST's MetoboGreens as an alternative.  Much more cost effective and easier than either method above.

Need the link?  Click our Amazon Associates link > BioTRUST MetaboGreens Sale.

Hurry before the coupon expires! 

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts or how you liked this greens powder!


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