Monday, May 6, 2024

Children’s Museum of Atlanta’s Newest Feature Exhibit “Animationland” Breaks Down the Art and Science of Animation, Launching May 18!


AnimationlandChildren’s Museum of Atlanta’s newest featured exhibit, will educate little creatives on the art and science of animation while transporting guests of all ages to a fantastical land with a quirky cast of characters including Rooth, Drop, Inky, Uno, and Kari.

The exhibit focuses on the framework of the animation process using interactive features, including a sketching studio, a sound effects booth, and the opportunity to plan and star in a stop-motion production.

Families can visit the Museum to experience Animationland starting Saturday, May 18 until Sunday, Sept. 8. Animationland is sponsored locally by Publix Supermarket Charities with additional support from City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs and Fulton County Arts & Culture.

"Animationland immerses families in the creative process and makes animating approachable and fun," said Executive Director Edwin Link. "Animation is a captivating blend of art, math, and science, so while kids will be delighted to see their creations come to life, parents will love that the exhibit gets their gears turning. In a movie town like Atlanta, it's especially exciting to get families playing with the moving image."

The vibrant, whimsical exhibit allows kids and adults to get lost in the creative process, even if they have never thought of themselves as artists. The exhibit features Tracey’s Studio where little ones act as animators using a storyboard to develop their own narrative. Guests will place storyboard cards together to curate an animation and watch it come to life on the screen! Blub-Glub Village’s underwater world gives kids a chance to enjoy an iconic full-body experience as they create 14-frame animations.

The Prickle Desert features a multitude of learning opportunities, including different frame rates, movement concepts, and more, and guests can test out the mutoscope showing a reel of images like a flip book animation. Little animators can also gather props at Comfort Peaks to aid in creating their own animation. Here they will immerse themselves into a cozy world of smiling mountains, wacky space creatures, and Rooth the lumbering mountain. The Foley booth challenges the Museum’s small animators to add sounds to short animated clips using ordinary objects and props.

Inspiration is everywhere at Animationland. Developed and produced by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Animationland will offer a fully immersive, interactive exhibit where guests learn to incorporate animation skills into the creation process. This enables guests to understand the interplay that occurs between art and science and how they can apply those skills to tell their own stories in unique and dynamic ways. In order to create a fully immersive environment, OMSI collaborated with expert creative studio Jolby & Friends to develop original characters, illustrations and animation.

The Museum will operate in a timed-entry model where guests can visit between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The Museum will be closed on Wednesdays. Please check the Museum website to confirm hours of operation.

Purchasing tickets online is recommended. Phone booking is available with ample notice and will be booked via online reservation. Members are encouraged to pre-book and will be able to redeem their $5 voucher online. Babies 11 months and younger and members are admitted for free. All daily programs are included in price of admission. For more information regarding ticket and membership options, visit

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