Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting More for Your Buck When Shopping On-Line

I was reading my All You magazine the other day, and they had a blurb in there about a website called

This website is along the same lines as But, where free shipping gives (obviously) any free shipping codes available for a website, Current Codes gives you ANY codes available for a particular website.

Hence, it could be for shipping or it could be for percentages off. Once you find a coupon code you qualify for, just enter your code during check out to receive your discount.

Seems like there is another coupon website out there in internet-land like Current Codes, but my Mommy brain is on "fade-out" tonight. (If you know what it is, would you please send me a note so I can post it for everyone?)

The hard part of shopping on-line is remembering that these sites exist BEFORE you make your purchases.

I am horrible at remembering these things--I'm a member of (a website that lets you save a percentage of your on-line shopping and put it towards your child's college education). I can't remember how many times I have made an on-line purchase only to remember AFTERWARDS that I could have earned some college money if I had only shopped through Upromise's link!

Which brings me to a few more interesting websites...Cashbaq, Mr. Rebates, and Ebates. All of these offer money back TO YOU when you make a purchase through them.

Shopping this way brings your overall purchase price down in the end, and who doesn't like that? Plus, they offer thousands of stores to shop at and most of the time, they will give you a $5 or more bonus in your account just for signing up! Wow, that's **FREE** money!

So, next time you are shopping on-line try to remember all these neat little websites floating around--all for your benefit!!

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