Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toy Story 1 & Toy Story 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo DEAL!

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Alright, my Disney tweeps--you guys are always tweeting and asking, so here we go!

I just found out about this awesome deal on Amazon.  Now, I may have jumped ship and things may get cheaper closer to release date, but this is a pretty darn good deal, so my personal opinion (though it MAY be wrong later) is to grab this deal while it's available.

Right now, Amazon is offering a pre-order deal on Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2.  (Both are scheduled to be released on March 23rd.)  If you order both of them (together), Amazon is offering a special package deal of $39.98.

Yes, I know that will average each disc out to $20 each.  Yes, I know that Target may continue to hand out their $10 printable coupons in conjunction with their awesome $19.99 release day sales, and yes, I know that you may be able to score each of the movies for $10 each...but hang on just a second--Amazon is sweetening the pot a bit by throwing in a bonus....

Are you ready?  Here is their bonus--
"Special Offer--For a limited time, get free movie tickets to see Toy Story 3, when you pre-order this title and other versions of Toy Story and Toy Story 2Offer Details: Limited offer, while supplies last. Select title contains details for redemption of up to $8.50 at participating theaters.  Movie cash offer valid at theaters 3/26/10 – 6/30/10. Void where prohibited. Good in U.S.A. only."
So, you will be paying $39.98 for two DVD/Blu-Ray combo movies and two movie tickets.  That may not be a deal if you normally pay $5 for your movies AND Target shells out the $10 coupon this time, but in my neck of the woods, this means I don't have to get everyone up and out the door early to see a matinee because these free tickets are good for up to $8.50 each! 

It also means, with 2 tickets at $8.50 each, my DVD/Blu-Ray discs will average out at $11.50.  That's only $1.50 over what we have grown accustomed to paying for Disney DVDs lately.  The big gamble here, with this deal, is wondering if Target will (a) put Toy Story 1 & 2 on sale for $19.99 and (b) at the same time, offer a $10 printable coupon.

So, take the gamble, roll the dice, and make your decision!  Good luck & happy shopping!

*One more thing, to see the double price, click on either one of the single pictures below, scroll down (past the video), and you will see the special offer for buying both DVDs together for $39.98.

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  1. Thanks for posting this deal. It's definitely worth looking into, especially if I find out our theater will take the free tickets. Still it looks like a good deal though, and I really like Amazon's pre-order guarantee too.

  2. Did you see where you can go to the movie ticket website and input your zip code?

    It will then pull up a list of the participating theaters in your area.

    Mine had a ton of theaters, so I think these coupons are pretty well accepted.

    Good luck, and let me know if you need the link to the Movie Cash website.