Friday, August 27, 2010

**FREE** Ice Bag!

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Ever want an icebag?  Well, here's your is giving them away.  Here are the details:

We will ship this item to you completely free of charge. We do not require any billing info.
We do require a valid email address. By requesting a free sample you permit us to send you occasional email offers.
We would never abuse your information. We would never sell your information. We will not spam you.
We will simply send you interesting and intriguing offers we come across. We hope to build a loyal base by giving away this item. Hopefully in the long run this promotion will pay off.
We do not have a limit on how many we are giving away. Our budget is quite large for this promotion.We will cut off the promotion when we see fit.
We will take this post down, when the promotion is over. You may not receive the exact item as pictured. We have many different colors and sizes. They will be sent at random.
We encourage you to tell all your friends and family about this offer.
However we will not tolerate abuse. If we suspect you are ordering multiple samples for yourself or for/from the same household, we will deny any and all requests from you.
We will only allow one request per household. Do not request for other people. Send them our link. They will appreciate it.

We reserve the right to not send a sample (Ice bag) to anyone for any or no reason whatsoever. This is not an entitlement to receive this free offer, even if you request one. It is simply a request, not a purchase. We will review all requests.
You can visit to request your **FREE** ice bag.

*Thanks Maven of Savin'! Ticker

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