Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL deal--Dana Dawes Photography!

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Today's Groupon deal for Atlanta is $65 for a one-hour photo shoot, a DVD of the images, an 8 x 10 print, and 20% off any additional prints from Dana Dawes Photography (a $500 value)!

Here are the details:
In the days before mirrors, baseball players would collect their own baseball cards so that they'd always know what they looked like, regardless of slugging percentage. Enjoy the preservative nature of photographs with today's Groupon: for $65, you get a one-hour photo shoot, an 8”x10” print image, a DVD of the images, and an additional 20% off all prints from Dana Dawes Photography (up to a $500 value).

Professional photographer Dana Dawes specializes in capturing life's most cozy moments, and her experience shooting families, babies, pregnant mothers-to-be, and nervous downstairs neighbors of mothers-to-be has left her with a keen ability to reflect, through pictures, the individual personality of each person or family. Your Groupon is good for an hour-long photo shoot; you can choose to come to her well-lit studio for a more formal, 19th-century tin-type pose or summon her to the grounds of your manor or favored scenic vista for a more casual session in a natural setting (up to a one-hour driving distance from downtown Atlanta). Bring the family for a series of candids, opt for a single reel of your newborn son, or capture your little sis on film before she goes away to college. You'll be left with a DVD of all the shoot's images, an 8”x10” of your chosen photo, and 20% off all additional studio-printed images.

Photography fits into an important realm of commemoration, as it makes tangible the fleeting moments of a fast-moving life, especially if you're a professional speed skater or an actual comet. Put a paperweight on your reminiscences with professionally snapped portraiture that can elevate the charm of any mantle, hallway, or sturdy sweater vest. Make an online reservation to schedule your shoot.

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  1. No worries about missing this deal, this woman was revealed by real photographers as the fraud she really is! She has stolen numerous photographers work and tried to pass them off as her own. She was busted & is scrambling now to cover up her trail of lies!

  2. Please do not leave a negative comment on here unless you choose to leave your name and specifics. We will not tolerate negative comments such as yours. Thank you.

  3. I am receiving several conflicting reports about this deal. Please check out this company before purchasing if you are interested. Thank you everyone!

  4. Its a fact that she's a scammer. Check the Groupon discussion:

  5. Her website was suspended for blaming her "web designer" which is actually a template site and does not use client place holders. So, deal is done and so is she.

  6. I have no problem leaving my name. Dana Dawes stole my work, and tried to profit via this Groupon deal. Case closed ;)