Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL deal--Hollywood Tans!

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I realize that summer will be ending shortly, but here is today's Groupon ATL deal to help you extend summer just a tad bit longer....

Today's Groupon ATL deal is $12 for $30 worth of UV tanning, Mystic Tans, and products at Hollywood Tans.  Hollywood Tans is located at four different locations around Atlanta.

Here is some additional information:
Humankind has been playing with fire for years; now we can harness the bronzing essence of the fiery sun in a gentle mist or a brilliant bulb, proving our dominance over the weak, inanimate solar system. Subvert the sun and eschew tan lines with today's Groupon: for $12, you get $30 worth of UV tanning, Mystic tans, and products at Hollywood Tans. Your Groupon is good at any of Hollywood Tans' radiant locations in Buckhead, Midtown, Toco Hills, and Roswell. There is no purchase limit, so get one for every layer of skin you own.
Hollywood Tans uses state-of-the-art technology to help you glow, regardless of bad weather or an inexplicable fear of beach towels. To get a UV-free sheen in a pinch, try a gentle and natural-looking Mystic instant tan (a $30 value) or one of Hollywood's lotions. The salon is also equipped with stand-up UV tanning booths, which offer total privacy so that you can eliminate tan lines without compromising your modesty to the paparazzi you hired to hound you. Stand-up booths do more than make you feel less lazy; they also work faster than traditional beds and make it much harder for hermit crabs to sneak up on you and pinch your nostrils. UV tans range in intensity and can be upgraded to high pressure for faster results and safer, 1% UVB light spectrums ($10–$20 for regular, $25 for high pressure).
In years past, technologically inferior societies valued powdery paleness and wish-granting leeches. These days, the modern mark of refinement is to doff one's coat and reveal a smooth, burnished, golden glow from head to toe. Today's Groupon will add depth to your outrageous claims that you've been sunning in the Bahamas instead of working diligently all summer.
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