Friday, September 3, 2010

Today's kgb ATL Deal - Ledet Restaurant!

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Must be a food kind of day.  Today's kgb deals for Atlanta is $5 for $10 worth of authentic Ethopian cuisine at Ledet restaurant.

Here is some more information:
Wrap up your forks, spoons, knives, sporks and ladles and save them for another meal. At Ledet Ethiopian Cuisine, the only utensil that you will be using is the traditional Ethiopian injera, a flatbread consisting of teff flour and used for scooping and enjoying your stewed meat and vegetables. Savor this one of a kind experience with today’s kgbdeal, a 50% discount on enticing, traditional and exotic Ethiopian delights from the Agere Award “Best in Food” winner.
If you have never tried Ethiopian food, you are not alone. Despite the influx of so-called foreign restaurants, it has become increasingly difficult to find a non-Americanized version of international foods. At Ledet Ethiopian Cuisine, expect to be served exactly the same food as if you were dining at a small café in West Africa. The menu features specialty dishes, traditional kitfo (minced raw beef heated and marinated in mitmita, a spicy chili powder based spice blend, and butter with herbs and spices), tibs (spicy vegetable and meat stew), and a variety of vegetarian options. Your friendly servers will happily make suggestions, and the menu highlights popular items to help guide your decision making process. Let your mind and body feast on a truly memorable dining experience that will satisfy your need for something exciting and flavorful to eat for a change.
kgb agent insider tip:

Visit on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and enjoy the live performances of up-and-coming Ethiopian singers and dancers from all over the world.

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