Friday, September 3, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL deal--Tin Drum Asia Cafe!

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You know...I've always wanted to eat here, and in fact (while I'm thinking out loud today), this restaurant is right across from the The Avenue's AMC Theater here in my neck of the woods.  Maybe I'll take advantage of today's Groupon deal and then use it when I go to see Disney's Beauty and Beast later in the month....

Now, that my thinking out loud is over, let's get to today's Groupon ATL deal.  Today's deal is $12 for $25 worth of asain fare at Tin Drum Asia Cafe!  Here are some more details:
If two heads are better than one, then four cuisine-noggins fused into one restaurant-body are even more better-er than one. Polycephalify your palate with today's Groupon: for $12, you get $25 worth of Pan-Asian fare and drinks at Tin Drum Asia Cafe, an epicurean hybrid that expands palates by merging them. This Groupon is good at Tin Drum's Lindbergh, Dunwoody, or Forsyth locations.
Tin Drum takes its name from the tin drummer—a figure in ancient Asian society who served as the town crier, newscaster, and wake-up-call service. Rising early every morning to rouse the village with a percussive version of taps (or a bucket of hot grits thrown to the face if villagers hit Snooze too often), the tin drummer would herd everyone to the market café. As they ate, he'd regale them with the day's news, act out and explain the day's Far Side, then present them with a series of jumbled words to decipher. Tin Drum's interior reflects this ancient tradition with a décor that mimics the colorful paint and ubiquitous posters of an outdoor café in a quintessentially Asian streetscape.
To help its casual clientele fit right into this tableau of exotic everydayness, the restaurant's menu of favorite Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes apes a typical newspaper layout. Light lunchers can pair coconut soup ($3) with the chop-chop salad, a mix of romaine, tomato, carrot, crispy noodle, and sesame dressing with optional grilled or crispy chicken ($2.95–$6.95). Otherwise, keep one hand open for a spicy-dousing Thai iced tea ($1.95) or a hot jasmine or green tea ($1.50) while the other clutches a Drumroll ($4.75)—a grilled Asian-flatbread wrap stuffed with ingredients such as shrimp tempura, romaine, avocado, tomato, and honey-miso dip. Diners who feel self-conscious about the wooden chopstick fingers they accidentally evolved can light up their taste buds with Japanese katsu curry, which bathes crunchy panko-crusted chicken breast in a sizzling yellow curry laden with onion, carrots, potatoes, and jalapeños. Meanwhile, mango stir-fry ($7.95) mixes fresh mango, onion, bell pepper, basil, and jalapeños over crispy chicken and steamed rice ($7.95) for a sweet and spicy flavor explosion that challenges General Tso for dominion of your Tongue Dynasty. Tin Drum also offers a variety of gluten-free options, so treat a friend to an exotically flavored vacation from their own dietary restrictions with today's Groupon.
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