Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today's kgb ATL Deal - The Mesotherapy Center!

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Today's kbg deal for Atlanta is from The Mesotherapy Center on Roswell Road.  For $33, you can get an anti-aging laser facial rejuvenation photo facial. 

What's that, you say?  Well, here are the details:
Between sun exposure and the stress of everyday life, it’s no wonder the delicate skin on our faces eventually starts to show some wear and tear. Strip away years of damage and reveal youthful, radiant skin with today’s kgbdeal, a targeted plan of attack that addresses the most common skin concerns.

The experts at The Mesotherapy Center have spent years researching and developing treatments to leave you looking your best. The photo facial does exactly what it says – it prepares your skin for a photo finish by gently erasing years of damage, improving tone and texture, minimizing the appearance of pores and lines, and firming the areas that have started to sag. Cutting edge laser technology targets problem areas and easily refreshes your skin in a speedy procedure that you can accomplish in the space of your lunch break. The IPL (intense pulsed light) delivers high intensity pulses of broadband light that does not damage the surface of the skin.

Results are immediate, although the process inspires cell rejuvenation and collagen production that will have you looking better as the weeks progress. Erase the past with this revolutionary procedure that may just inspire you to smile for the camera.

kgb agent insider tip:

Drink plenty of water following the procedure for the best results.
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