Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL Deal - California Autobuff!

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Today's Groupon ATL deal is one I really need to take advantage of after driving to Walt Disney World last week with the lovebugs still going strong ('nuff said)!  Today's Groupon ATL deal is two different auto detailing options from California Autobuff on Peachtree Road.  Here are the details:
Keeping your car as pristine as the day it followed you home is vital to maintaining a man/machine friendship, which, if left unmaintained, can lead to heartbreak and engine failure. Solidify your bond with today's Groupon for a micro detail package at California Autobuff in Buckhead. Choose from the following two options:
  • For $35, you get a detail package for a normal-sized car (a $69 value).
  • For $49, you get a detail package for an SUV (a $99 value).
Environmental pollutants can ruin your paint finish, and a messy interior means inhaling germs, ATM receipts, and harmful McGriddle particulates. Your micro detail package includes a thorough clean inside and out, protecting your family from wayward french fries and impressing your neighbors with a superior shine that will dazzle dads, amaze moms, and temporarily blind attacking frisbees. The friendly car-care gurus at California Autobuff will apply a gentle yet firm hand wash using a soft wool mitt and a specially formulated cleaner that exfoliates car complexions to produce a smooth, even surface unmarred by bug guts, bird droppings, and auto acne. Then they'll rinse your car with a liquid wax that will make your paint shine like the mirrored surface of a dashboard disco ball and dress your tires and exterior trim with a UV protectant to prevent motorized melanoma.

Unlike that traveling magician who convinced your parents to let him stay for five weeks, California Autobuff is about more than outward appearances. With your micro detail, you'll get a substantive interior clean, and the expert detailers will vacuum your interior using scratch-resistant sable, horse-hair, and badger-hair brushes—the same hairs used for shaving and paint brushes. They'll also spot-clean and comb your floor mats, polish your interior wood and plastic surfaces, clean your windows, and get your console crumb-free. California Autobuff is open seven days a week to accommodate the beauty needs of stay-at-home soccer sedans and working world wagons alike, but appointments are required.

You may use the full value of this Groupon toward an upgrade to any available service (additional fees apply). Any SUV with a wheel base exceeding 105 inches is considered XXL, and surcharges will apply.

To take advantage of this offer, you can visit the Groupon ATL website. Ticker

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